Hi, I have tried to keep this website as simple as possible and let the images speak for themselves. I am a life scientist, and ecologist, and always there are elements within the imagery I take, that reflects the depth of knowledge of the planet we live on, and of its cycles, that I live with.

I live on Mull a Hebridean island far from the madding crowd, and for the moment most of the images are of Mull. The two main themes that run though the work, is the way the world changes if you stand still with the seasons, and also the influence of season and time of day, on what you see. Standing still means mostly exploring where I live, Killiemor, on the North shore of Loch na Keal a westerly pointing sea loch overlooking the Ben More Range. Use the postcode below and map locators to find where Killiemor is.

The Loch is about 2 miles wide, elliptical in shape, and has roads on both sides. it is strongly glaciated, and to the west has an Archipelago of islands, the most beautiful and well known being Staffa, and Ulva.

Photographically, the Loch has near perfect scalar perspective, and near perfect solar traverse with season, for such imagery, it's quite a view even on a poor day.

The images shown on the website represent the cream of nearly 40,000+ images, so they are most unique, you don't get images like these every day. If you visit and never see one, don't be too dissapointed, then again you may do, in which case it'll last you the rest of your life. And yes I do have many of acceptable standard that are not on the website.

For the first time in earnest I have focussed on what the eye cannot see, and night photography where skyglow is minimal has been an immensely rewarding experience, especially the Aurora images taken from a number of solar storms, over several years.

The imagery is all digital from a Canon A40 through a Minolta 7i to a Canon 10D, which is a 6 megapixel camera. Yet the images shown are mostly 9-15 megapixels achieved through seamless horizontal and vertical merging. The use particularly of vertical merging has allowed the exploration of vertical perspective beyond the capability of the human eye, like large format but even more intriguing, often producing undistorted images of 180 degree perspective.

I have often pushed the capability of the digital camera far beyond what would be considered reasonable, particularly at night to produce imagery that shows a cat's eye view of the world, what a beautiful and haunting world that turns out to be.

These are NOT touched up images, Mull just is this beautiful, especially during winter.

I hope this body of work inspires, and encourages you to support through purchase, my continuing efforts to push the boundaries of photography, I have few favourites, and just adore the end result.

The prints are made on A3+ Ilford paper, and Lyson LF inks, giving very long lasting and deeply coloured images behind glass. You will be suprised with their tonal quality, this is due to careful technical effort, and calibration of camera to printer.

As I am hard of hearing, I appreciate feedback by email, if you like this site, please do let me know.

Bob Stewart




PA72 6JZ


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