Glacial Erratic in Inchkenneth Bay

This was a beauty, and allows me to introduce Puddleduck...... an unusual homebuilt floating photography platform you can carry on your back,and goes like greased lightning, here parked on the shore of Inchkenneth. Being an ex kayaker, it is more stable than a kayak, and ideal for capturing the littoral environments few ever see, and as all canoists know the best part of Scotland, where roads do not go.

Inchkenneth has both unique geology and historical richness. There are 2 huge boulders called erratics which have been dumped by passing glaciers a few thousand years back, the one in the panorama is a stunning example of barnacle covered glaciation, the other below less pretty but probably more dramatic.

It also has reefs with big swells, and a littoral environment worth exploring!

And views that overwhelm, when you drive past the headland you miss everything!!