Aurora Panorama from the Wilderness to Burg

When you photograph Aurora, everything is changing, the brightness of the display is never static, nor are the colours, or unfortunately where the ribbons of colour form. To get 3 pictures of an aurora over such a scenic perspective to merge was partly good judgement, and luck.

As the eye can only see low light intensity colours faintly, often I am asked, was this really the way it looked? Since we cannot see reds or yellows at low light levels well, the answer is no. What I have done here is adjust the exposure of the image to bring it close to how you would see it in daylight were that ever possible.

It was a very lucky image, the land was lit by the moon, as it would by the sun in daylight, the aurora itself was so bright the camera had no problems picking it up against that moon. For a sense of perspective, the Wilderness (left) side of the panorama is pretty well as exposed, and that slight adjustment needed to bring out the landscape, also brought out the aurora.

Anyone who takes night imagery knows that it is an truly artistic medium, and this picture was taken as a 3 part panorama in the hope that the three images would merge to form exactly what you see.