Thermals rising over the face of the Gribun Headland.

This moment came and went in 10 minutes, it was an awesome demonstration of the sheer power levels of the Gulf Stream waters. These warm waters travel a long way from the Carribean to warm our winter shores, and this picture capture the fight between freezing continental air from the Northeast, and the westerly warmth they bring to our shores.

In the picture warm moist air is risng from the warm (10C) sea over the headland and condensing to form clouds as they get colder from the snow and altitude. Within a short time another thunderhead of snow was passing by.

We take this scene as is, not realising what the scene would look like without this colossal energy resource which heats western Europe.

Never have I taken an image that so captures the huge energy exchange in process which makes our weather so bearable, we live at the same latitude as the Hudson Bay, which freezes solid in winter, and most of the year....