Wilderness Panorama over Ulva and Inchkenneth

Often it seems I find myself in a lucky situation, this was one I will remember for years. I'd looked at the sattelite images, it looked good for a sunset, and I had never hiked the Wilderness Headland. It is sure one heck of a hike, as perspective makes it look the same height as the Gribun Headland, which it is most certainly not!

It was a bleached late winters day, high pressure and sun. Dry hiking weather, the ideal.

Not many people have shown much interest in this panorama, despite the sheer scale in view, probably because they do not realise where it was taken from, and the sheer drop below from such a height.

After a 3 hour wait, the sun set slowly over Staffa and Little Colonsay, leaving enough light to just get back to the road.

It is a very tricky hike, please if you wish to try and recapture this moment, and it is worth it quite beyond belief, remember not to delay on the hike back.